Abraham Park


Rev. Abraham Park, the author of The History of Redemption series, is a true man of God who has dedicated his life to studying and preaching the Word of God. For him, The History of Redemption series is the fruit that resulted from endless research and prayer in an effort to better understand the Word of God.


His ministry journey began about 50 years ago. With the determination to set himself apart from the world and understand the Bible correctly, Rev. Park devoted three years, six months, and seven days on Mt. Jiri alone. During this time, he read the Bible and prayed fervently daily.

Since then, Rev. Park has read the Bible hundreds of times, devoting at least five to six hours to reading the Bible and praying every day. Up until his passing, he spent sleepless nights praying tearfully for his congregation of thousands who were like sheep to him as his own children.


  • Born May 17, 1928, in Sariwon, Hwanghae Province, Korea
  • B.A. in Corporate Management from Kookmin University
  • B.A. in Biblical Studies from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological University
  • M.Div. from the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary
  • Honorary D.Min. from Lael College and Graduate School
  • Honorary Th.D. from Faith Theological Seminary
  • Honorary Th.D. in Biblical Theology from Trinity Theological College & Seminary
  • Former moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (Hap-dong Conservative)

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