Our Vision

Our church believes in Jesus Christ alone, the inerrant Word of God with the faith of the Bible, and serves to fulfill the History of Redemption to the end through worship, teaching, praise, and evangelism.

Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church
is a church that was named after Mount Gerizim, which was the mountain blessed by God. Our Church follows the Word of God and believes in them hoping to be the church that is filled with His blessing. Our Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church is waiting for those who desire to complete the work of redemptive history with us.

Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church is a church that is alive with the Word of God.
God’s Word is still alive and works to this day. God’s Word is above everything and never changing. Although the world may change, our church strongly believes that the Word of God is never changing and will be the church that keeps our faith.

Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church is in the heart of the city.
Our church is hidden in the city like a garden surrounded by green trees and brings the scent of the garden. If you break away from the busy daily life and visit a church for worship, you will find peace and rest here in harmony with nature.

Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church is a church that practices its world mission through meaningful Bible education.
We teach the Bible on Sundays and Wednesdays from Toddler and Sunday School, Youth Group, Young Adult Group, and other groups that can fit to your individual level. If you love the Word of God and would like to study, we sincerely welcome you.

Our church, as its name shows, is overflowing with hope and the unilateral blessings of God. In the world where the lamp is diminishing, Jesus told his disciples who were in fear to have peace. Our church will go out to the dark world and give peace to those who are in fear as Jesus taught us.

Today, God is continually looking for the lost souls who are seeking Him.
We pray that you will meet the living God here in our church.

Gerizim Hope Presbyterian Church is always open for you.


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